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Our World Class Team

Our team is licensed by American Board of Addiction Medicine, the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology, the American Society of Addiction Medicine, and others. Each member of our team is a leader in their field and each brings experience, insight, and empathy to our patients.

The multidisciplinary team model enables our staff to focus on the whole person by focusing on all aspects of a patient’s life. Upon admission to Serenity Acres, the combination of issues that has led to their current state becomes abundantly clear as the initial days pass. The multidisciplinary approach provides the team with the ability to create treatment plans specific to each patient. A thorough review of medical & mental health records, along with a series of assessments covering substance abuse, mental health and medical history. Our team also provides referrals to local specialists when a patient is in need of more specialized care. This dedication to providing the highest quality medical care is just one of the things that sets Serenity Acres apart from other treatment facilities.

Because our medical team has such a strong background in addictions medicine, they are able to treat not only the acute substance abuse issues, but also any underlying issues that may be contributing to a person’s addiction or preventing them from recovering as fully as possible. They each contribute their specialty to our multidisciplinary team approach.

Medical Team | Drug and Alcohol Addiction Detox and Treatment

Dr. Mark Illuminati

Mary Bracken, MD

Nicholas Scotto, MD

Crystal Harris, RN

Judy Foster, NP

Valerie Hammond, RN

Ron Hauswald, RN

Carl Gregg, LPN

Ashley Gerami, RN

Regina Jaeger, LPN

Erin Linahan

Clinical Team | Substance Abuse and Mental Health Dual Diagnosis Therapists

David Semanco, MS, MAC, CADC

John Norris, LCPC, LCADC

Candace Blase, LCPAT ATR-BC

Debbie Goodwin, CSC-AD

Jessica Wisemiller

Kimberly Beall, CAC-AD

Cameron Marks, CSC-AD (P)

Carl Gregg, LPN

Barbara Lingenfelter, M.S., CAS, LCPC, NCC

Charlie Billingsley, M.A., LGPC

Anna Kaspark

Dwayne Jenkins, CSC-AD

Chris Butler, CSC-AD

Kimberly Clemens, LCPC/LCPAT

Holistic Providers | Practitioners for Treating Substance Abuse Patients’ Mind, Body, and Spirit

Patti McNulty, CAC-AD

Lynn Moseley

Shannon Brechtel

Shannon Scearce

Shea Walton

Administrative Team | Supporting Addiction Treatment and Recovery

Lisa Dehorty

Madelynne Menendez

George Henson

Michael Beylo

Andrea Paskin

Brad Masters

Heather King

Katie Wandishin

Mary Evans

Veronica Granados