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One of the founding concepts of Serenity Acres is that addiction or alcoholism is a complicated disease. Every patient is different, with individual needs and histories, and treatment for these diseases cannot be approached under a “one size fits all” mentality. Now, new research supports our approach of individualized treatment that is tailored to each person’s specific needs.

Alcoholism is a Complex Disease


A new study out of the Mayo clinic reveals some interesting (though not so surprising) results about alcoholism and what makes people drink. In alcohol-dependent adults, the major factor predicting drinking quantities was found to be immediate mood. Long-term mental health problems were less of a factor, though interestingly, men with a history of depression were found to drink less than men without such a history. In general, amount of alcohol consumed by both male and female alcoholics depended heavily on how they were feeling in the moment. It is interesting that anxiety and additional substance use disorders had no impact on the amount of alcohol consumed. Overall, the study found that alcoholism is likely a combination of a person’s background as well as immediate circumstances of their life.

This study is further support for the approach of highly individualized treatment for alcoholism. There is no single reason for why someone becomes an alcoholic, and each person’s disease is likely the result of a wide range of factors. This means that what works for one person in terms of treatment may not work for another. Researchers and experts note that this study provides support for changing diagnostic methods and treatment approaches to the individual if treatment is to be a success. Others note that this research is important, given the wide range of individual variability, and the amount of people who have several warning signs of an anxiety or depressive disorder but may not meet the minimum criteria for diagnosis. These factors can all interact to influence alcohol consumption patterns.

This research is incredibly valuable, and highlights the importance of the individualized treatment Serenity Acres provides. For more information, click here.