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One big problem with drug or alcohol abuse is that you may not realize it’s a problem until it’s too late. Many people are able to hold their head above water, so to speak, for a certain amount of time. But the abuse of drugs or alcohol is never “ok”, and eventually, these behaviors are likely to destroy your life. Here are some of the top signs that you need rehab:

  • Financial Struggles. You spend money on drugs or alcohol, and sometimes this means you neglect your financial responsibilities. A good sign that you are developing a real problem with drugs or alcohol is when you spend increasingly more money or resources on supporting your use. For an addict, this often means that rent checks, credit card payments, or other bills might come up short. If you are having trouble making ends meet every month, yet still find a way to drink or use, rehab might be a good option for you.
  • Problems in Relationships. Your friends and family have commented about your use, or expressed concern. Oftentimes, the people in our lives that love and care about us can see things even before we do. Addicts in particular are “blessed” with blinders, that sometimes make it difficult or nearly impossible for us to see the truth about our behaviors- lest we have to change something. If your friends and/or family members have raised concerns about how much you drink or use drugs- even if they do so in a joking way- you may be heading out of control, and treatment may be necessary. Further, your reaction to these comments says a lot. Someone who deep down knows they have a problem or need their drug to function will likely become defensive or irritated when someone questions their use. Because deep down, the addict will see this person as a threat to them “getting what they need”, and may even start to pull away from loved ones to protect their addiction- without even realizing that is what they are doing.
  • Blackouts. You black out on a regular basis. This one is more specific to alcohol, but for this writer personally, it was a big indicator that I totally missed until I got sober. Blacking out is not normal- period. Now, do people who are not alcoholics black out? Sure. It happens. And for some people, it is a blip on the radar. But for an alcoholic, blackouts are a common occurrence. Whether they are happening every night, a few times per week, or every time you drink (even if that’s only on weekends), it’s a good sign that you have little to no control when it comes to alcohol. If this rings true for you, you may need treatment.
  • Physical Dependence. You can’t function during the day without using or drinking. This is kind of an obvious one, but if you wake up in the morning and NEED to use or drink in order to go about your day or to feel OK, that is an excellent indicator that you are physically (and very likely mentally) addicted, and will need help to stop. Physical dependence is a serious issue, and stopping use cold turkey at this point often leads to dangerous or highly uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms, depending on your drug of choice. If you are physically dependent, rehab is an excellent option to help you get clean in a comfortable, safe environment under supervision of medical professionals.
  • Overdoses. Obviously, if you have overdosed, you probably are not able to moderate or control how much you are drinking or using. But it still is worth mentioning, because the addicted mind is a deceptive one. It will use all kinds of rationales and excuses to avoid getting help. An addict might blame an overdose on a particular batch of drugs, their dealer, or any given external circumstance- but overdoses shouldn’t happen, period. And while they should be a wake up call, many addicts overdose, and even when revived by narcan or taken to a hospital, are back out using within hours. If this cycle sounds familiar to you- please- get help before it’s too late.

Rehab might seem like a scary or lame place. Many people avoid treatment for fear of the change that is required to live a sober life. But a quality addiction treatment center is well equipped to help you through these struggles and put your mind at ease. For example, counseling is vital to recovery, and can help to open your mind to change. A quality treatment center will expose you to a variety of twelve step meetings, holistic therapies, meditation practices, and activities that can be enjoyed sober. A quality rehab will not only help you to withdrawal safely and comfortably from your drug of choice, but will help to change your view on sobriety. You will begin to see the positive parts of living a sober life- job security, money in the bank, better relationships, and moving out of shame and guilt. Not only that, but if you keep an open mind and do your part in the process, you may even start to have hope and dreams for your future.

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