Our country is currently engaged in a war- a war against not only addiction, but against the flood of new designer drugs that are constantly flooding the market.

Why Synthetic Drugs Exist

It works like this- we all know that drugs such as heroin and cocaine are illegal. They are regulated substances that fall under the DEA’s classification system. For example, heroin is a Schedule I drug- meaning it has no accepted medical use, and a high potential for abuse. Cocaine is a Schedule II drug- meaning it has high addictive potential, with limited medical use. Possession of scheduled compounds without a prescription or license carries varying degrees of legal consequences, depending on the amount and classification of the compound. So, producing and distributing scheduled drugs in large amounts is a highly risky endeavor.

One way drug dealers and illegal drug manufacturers attempt to get around this is by producing synthetic compounds. One such compound is known as bath salts- the highly potent synthetic stimulant and hallucinogenic that has caused news-worthy reactions in users. See, the system the DEA uses to classify drugs is based on specific chemical compositions- so all drug dealers have to do is change one or two molecules, and voila- new compound that they can literally sell anywhere with no consequences. And the opiate market is currently booming.

With heroin and other opiate addiction sweeping the country, and law enforcement cracking down on them, there has been an increased demand for substitutes. One such substitute is furanyl fentanyl, or “China White,” and is a synthetic version of fentanyl (the highly potent form of heroin that has been partially responsible for the spike in overdoses over the last few years). China White has caused its own rash of overdoses. The original version has been outlawed by the DEA as a schedule I drug, but variations on it have started to emerge in illegal drug markets that are just as (if not more) dangerous, in an effort to meet the growing demand for opiates. It can be over 100 times as potent as heroin and morphine, with a longer high and difficult reversal in the case of an overdose. The fact that there are so many variations on the drug, and it is still relatively under-researched, makes it very difficult for medical professionals to know what the appropriate treatment is. Given how powerful it is, surviving an overdose is much less likely than with drugs that are better understood.

The point is, China White is just one of many “designer drugs” that are wreaking havoc right now. An addict’s search for the next high generally leads to whatever is available, and oftentimes what they find is a synthetic version of something. Let’s face it, “traditional” drugs are dangerous enough, without spinning the roulette wheel of never really knowing what you’re taking, how strong it is, and how it will affect you. Rather than continue to seek out newer and more dangerous compounds, increasing your risk of overdose or death, open yourself to something different. Recovery is possible.

Help is Available

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