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The age of technology provides us with many benefits, not the least of which is the app. Apps can do anything, from books, to music, to shopping, to operating lights and home devices. But apps can also serve a useful purpose in the health and wellness area.

Apps for Addiction Recovery


There are multiple apps that are intended to benefit people in recovery from drug or alcohol addiction. The prevalence of smartphones means that many people in recovery could be benefiting from the use of these tools, that are accessible at the touch of a button. Their exact functionality varies, but below, we have listed several examples of apps that may be of help.


Cost: Free

Platform: iOS

Description: WeConnect aims to help recovering addicts to track their personal progress and provide a sense of encouragement along the way. The app includes notifications to encourage timely interactions with support groups, a structured calendar that provides the user with daily activities beneficial to recovery, and tracking recovery program meeting attendance. The app can even detect whether the user actually went to the meeting, and how long they stayed. It also provides an option for letting pre-specified people know that you are struggling, and to reach out to you. It strives to help addicts and alcoholics feel less isolated as they walk the path of recovery. A rewards element gives the user benefits such as coffee or yoga vouchers as they progress through certain goals.

CleanTime Counter

Cost: Free

Platform: Android

Description: This app keeps track of the time one has been sober from their “clean date”, down to the second. The app allows for a decent amount of personalization. While not highly interactive or complicated, having a way of tracking your clean time can be a great incentive to keep it going.

RecoveryBox Addiction Recovery Toolbox

Cost: $1.99

Platform: iOS

Description: The Recovery ToolBox helps you to track your daily activities. It categorizes these activities with a “lights” system- “green lights” mean positive activities, “yellow lights” mean warning light activities, and “red lights” mean acting out or engaging in sobriety-risking behaviors. It allows you to contact others directly from the app, such as a sponsor or counselor, and provides journaling capabilities and inspirational “daily devotionals”. It also keeps track of your sober time, and is intended to help you keep an eye out for triggers.

One Day at a Time

Cost: $1.99

Platform: Android

Description: Like others, this app features a sobriety tracker. But it also comes with a digital, searchable version of the Big Book, and includes daily prayers and meditations that you can use when needed.

AA Speakers to Go

Cost: $4.99

Platform: iOS and Android

Description: This app comes with more than 400 pre-recorded AA speakers, going all the way back to the 1930s. Workshops and other various recordings can also be purchased within the app. The speakers can be downloaded, so that they can be listened to without internet connection (or using all your data). Speaker tapes (or apps!) are a great way to stay connected to recovery when you find yourself unable to get to a meeting.

Sober Grid

Cost: Free

Platforms: iOS and Android

Description: This app is basically the Facebook of recovery. It allows you to remain anonymous, or share what you like. It allows you to find sober people near you, chat with others, share messages and posts, personalize your profile (if you choose to), and alert others when you have a “burning desire” to drink or use. You can give and receive support, as well as request or offer safe rides to local meetings. It also includes a sobriety calculator. As with all social media, we would suggest being careful with this one and what personal information you provide, but the option to have a safe online space to connect with and communicate with others in recovery could be really beneficial.

There are many more options, both on Android and iOS operating systems. The point is, if you are in recovery, these apps could provide a significant source of support, connection, and encouragement. However, they are certainly not a substitute for real-life support. An app is not the same thing as a sponsor, or a meeting, or in-person fellowship with other recovering addicts and alcoholics. It is simply an additional tool for your toolkit that may be able to help you out in a pinch, or between meetings.

Help is Available


If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, the professional staff at Serenity Acres is ready to help. Call today for your free confidential assessment, to see if inpatient treatment may be the answer you are looking for: 1-800-203-2024.