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A large part of the ongoing fight against opioid addiction in this country has been, and will need to continue to be, education, prevention, and awareness. While treatment is critical for those who are already suffering in the grips of an addiction, it is just as critical to spread awareness about addiction and try to prevent future generations from becoming addicted as well.

New Podcast on Addiction and Recovery


Spectrum Health Systems, a nonprofit involved in the fight against addiction, has just launched a new Podcast that will be available on iTunes and Soundcloud. The Podcast is entitled, “Airing Addiction,” and will feature new episodes weekly that focus on educational and inspirational approaches to addiction and recovery. In addition to personal stories, who both addicts and their loved ones will be able to relate to, there will also be a focus on current topics in addiction and recovery. Representatives of Spectrum Health believe that by presenting relevant information, education, advice from addiction professionals, and testimonials from people who have suffered and recovered from addiction, the show will come to be a valuable resource for the addiction and recovery community at large. The first episode will feature Medication Assisted Treatment, or MAT, and how the combination of medication with counseling and other aspects of recovery support, can be helpful to those who want to recover from an opiate addiction. The show will focus on the causes of addiction, how MAT works, and how to find treatment.

An Important Step in The Fight Against Addiction


This podcast is hopefully the first of many in the fight to end the opiate epidemic that is sweeping the nation. We as a community have to get creative with how we tackle the task of educating the public about addiction and implementing new and innovative prevention methods that keep up with technology. With the “internet-obsessed” youth culture, and the ease of access to the internet via smartphones and tablets, the logical solution is to begin focusing awareness efforts through these venues, and meeting people where they are most likely to access and pay attention to information. Given the vast availability of street drugs in this country, the staggering number of addicts that are currently suffering, and the genetic and environmental predisposition to addiction, we have to do all we can to try to prevent younger generations from experimenting with drugs and traveling the long road of addiction. The best way we can do so is by having open and honest conversations with kids about the dangers of drugs and addiction, and uniting as a community in recovery to spread hope for a different way of life.

Help is Available


If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, the professional staff at Serenity Acres is ready to help. Call today for your free confidential assessment, to see if inpatient treatment may be the answer you are looking for: 1-800-203-2024.