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Many states around the country have major gaps in their state-organized addiction treatment programs. Many addicts are locked in a cycle of stays in treatment centers, with limited resources outside of that. But Pennsylvania is looking to take a more comprehensive approach.

New Approach to Addiction Treatment in Pennsylvania


Pennsylvania’s Department of Human Services wants to create a central hub to provide services at all levels of addiction. As Trish Young, VP of outpatient services with PA Counseling Services explains, “We already had the treatment piece in place — clinicians that provide mental health, drug and alcohol treatment at outpatient level. What we’re adding in with the Center of Excellence is care navigating and a recovery support specialist.” The centers will work with patients on Medicaid to find treatment, and will stay with people throughout their recovery, providing follow-up services and connecting recovering addicts to support networks in their communities. 45 mental health and addiction clinics throughout Pennsylvania were approved to receive state funds, and are expected to be operating as these “Centers of Excellence” by early 2017 (adding to 20 facilities that are already operating as such).

New Employees Needed


With this increase in treatment, the state will be looking to hire at least two people, a care navigator and a recovery specialist (possibly more). Both positions will be full-time, with benefits, and are required to have a valid driver’s license and pass necessary background investigations. Care navigators will be required to have a bachelor’s degree in human services (or sufficient relevant experience). They will work directly with the clients that pass through the recovery program, as well as their loved ones and necessary service providers, to connect them to needed resources for their recovery. Recovery specialists will be required to hold a high school diploma, and functional knowledge of or experience with 12-step recovery principles- making the position perfect for people who have themselves recovered from an addiction. They will offer outreach services for addicts that have yet to enter treatment, and will remain with their paired clients to provide support throughout the process and afterwards. The chosen applicants will have a high degree of empathy and understanding of the nature of addiction, and just how critical support is throughout the recovery process. More information on the positions can be found here.

Help is Available


If you or someone you know is struggling with an addiction, Serenity Acres provides intensive addiction treatment in a home-like setting, with thorough aftercare planning and follow-up. Call an outreach representative today for your free confidential assessment: 1-800-203-2024.