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Being young and sober can be difficult- particularly in college. The lifestyle at many colleges and universities often has a heavy focus on the “party” lifestyle- drinking, drugs, and parties being readily available.

Needed Resources for Sober College Students


When constantly surrounded by these things, it can be difficult to resist the temptation, particularly if someone has a problem with alcohol or drugs. It is critical for college students to have available resources for recovery, particularly to have access to a network of other young people that are also sober. This awareness of the needs of young sober people, and providing of necessary resources, is thankfully becoming a priority for the administration at many colleges and universities across the nation.

Sober Housing at UMD


The head of resident life at the University of Maryland (UMD) reports that as early as next fall, a substance-free housing option may be available for students that are sober, and that may not want to deal with drunk people or drugs in their living space. This may seem strange, as most students in dorms are under 21, and therefore not legally allowed to drink, and obviously drugs are illegal and prohibited on campus. However, the new “sober” housing option would provide a safe place for students that want to live a sober lifestyle, and would likely require a pledge of sorts to abstain from drugs and drinking. This is a realistic take from the University, who likely knows that despite legality, most college students do experiment with drugs and alcohol, and they know how important it is to give sober students all the tools they need to remain sober and focus on their recovery and their studies.

A Fall 2015 survey of students indicated that an encouraging 18% would be interested or “very interested” in a sober housing option. Whether this housing option would be an entire dorm building, a few designated floors of another dorm, or an apartment building, is still undecided. The details, including this and how to ensure students living in this housing adhere to the “sober” rules, should be ironed out by February, after a committee finalizes the decisions. For more information, click here.

Get the Help You Need


Sobriety at any age is possible. But if you think you need help to get sober, call the treatment professionals at Serenity Acres today to see if inpatient treatment could be the jumpstart you need for a new life: 1-800-203-2024.