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Announced in early October, Hanover County, VA is beginning a drug treatment court to provide a different kind of help to struggling addicts.

The drug court system has not only been shown to help addicts recover, but it also reduces rates of recidivism among drug offenders- meaning less time and expense for prosecuting nonviolent offenders. The program will begin in January of 2017, with six people assigned to the pilot launch of the program. Focusing on nonviolent offenders that have violated the terms of their probation with drug-related offenses, drug testing, treatment groups, self-help meetings, curfews, and court appearances will all be used to provide the participants with help and structure. The program will last anywhere from 12 to 18 months, and upon successful completion, participants will have their violations lifted and court-appointed supervision removed. This program joins 26 similar programs in Virginia, and costs $75 per month- unless participants violate the terms of the program, in which case added fees and jail time will likely occur.

Candidates will be referred to the program by state probation/corrections officials and defense attorneys, but treatment involved in the drug court program will be headed up by the Hanover Community Services Board (CSB). Hanover County hopes that federal grant money will eventually allow them to expand the program to 20 participants. For more information, click here.

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