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Addiction in the workplace is a major problem in today’s society. The National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence (NCADD) gives several examples of how an employee’s addiction or alcoholism can affect the workplace, including lost productivity, absenteeism, injuries, fatalities, theft and low employee morale, and increases in health care, legal liabilities and workers’ compensation costs. Obviously, these can negatively affect a company’s productivity and bottom line. Further, the opiate epidemic is so widespread that employees as individuals could be headed in a fatal direction. As an employer, knowing how to spot the signs of addiction or alcoholism, and being able to provide support and assistance, can not only benefit your company, but just might save someone’s life.

What are the Signs of an Addicted Employee?

  • Change in work attendance or performance
  • Alteration of personal appearance
  • Mood swings or attitude changes
  • Withdrawal from responsibility or associate contacts
  • Unusual patterns of behavior
  • Defensive attitude concerning the object of addiction

What Should I Do if My Employee Is Showing These Signs?

As an employer, it is in your best interest to make sure your employee gets the help they need. While they may not be willing to admit it at first, a sit-down with your HR professional and the employee can let them know you are aware that there is a problem, and that you are willing to do whatever you can do help them. Many companies now offer Employee Assistance Programs, which are a great option to protect both the employee and the employer. You should let your employee know that if they are willing to accept help and go to treatment for their addiction, that their job will not be in jeopardy. More information on employee assistance programs can be found here.

Does Your Employee Need Help?

If so, the treatment professionals at Serenity Acres are here to help. Our licensed team of medical and clinical professionals can provide the help your employee needs to heal and return to work as a more productive, happy employee. For a free confidential assessment, call 1-800-203-2024.