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If the success of twelve step programs have taught us anything, it is that the value of peer support in addiction recovery cannot be underestimated. Many scientific studies have shown the importance of social support in addiction recovery, and within the recovery community.

Language of the Heart

Addicts and alcoholics are typically much more willing to listen to advice and direction from someone who has been in their shoes and recovered, than someone who has no personal experience with addiction. This is the principle behind peer recovery support programs. Certified peer recovery support specialists are individuals who are themselves in recovery from drug or alcohol addiction, often in addition to co-occurring mental health issues.

Diverse Range of Services

Peer recovery specialists are trained in a wide variety of services, both at the national and state level, but some of their services could include:

  • Providing easy transitions between treatment, peer recovery services and mutual aids.
  • Serving as a role model and practical living experience of recovery.
  • Facilitating access to services and resources supporting early recovery, including housing, employment, education and documentation.
  • Assisting with connections to human services such as physical, mental healthcare services, child and legal services.
  • Providing connections to healthcare, human services and other relevant systems, including criminal justice and child welfare.


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