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What did you want to be when you were little? A ballerina? An astronaut? A fireman? Whatever you wanted for your future, it probably wasn’t to be an addict or an alcoholic. But the sad truth is, this is what the reality turned out to be for many of us.

Addiction- The Thief of Dreams

Many of us had dreams and goals for our lives from the time that we were young. We envisioned what our jobs, families, homes, and even pets would look like. However, when drugs and alcohol began to take hold of our lives, those dreams began to slip away. Our addiction began to take top priority over everything- most of us at one point were willing to give away everything we held dear in order to support our habit. Jobs we loved became an inconvenience, loved ones became nagging annoyances, obstacles to our using. Drugs and alcohol became the only tool we had to deal with life and to feel “OK”, so we sacrificed everything else in favor of them. The problem is, the drugs and alcohol just continued to cause more problems, and keep us from dealing with the root causes of our addiction.

Take Back Your Dreams

If you are still above ground, it is not too late to take back your dreams, and to have the life you want. When we get sober and work a program of recovery, the opportunities are endless. We can go, do, or achieve anything, provided we remain humble, live by principle, and try to be of service to others whenever possible. But to get to that point, most of us needed help. This help can be anything from detox to counseling to outpatient to inpatient addiction treatment. A treatment program can connect you with others in recovery, and a twelve step program that can help you to move on from your addiction, and turn your life around. But you have to take the first step, and ask for help. Don’t let your addiction dictate how your life turns out. It’s not too late to make that little girl or boy that you used to be, proud of who you are today.

Get the Help that is Waiting for You

If you or someone you know needs help with an addiction, call the treatment professionals at Serenity Acres treatment center today, to find out if inpatient treatment is the first step you need: 1-800-203-2024.