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One of the most commonly cited barriers to going to treatment is the cost. Many don’t understand why inpatient rehab costs so much, but there is generally a relationship between quality of treatment and the amount a facility charges to provide treatment. The more a facility offers in terms of counseling, comfortability, activities, and holistic or alternative therapies, the higher that facility’s costs are, and the more they need to charge in order to continue to operate.

Examples of Inpatient Treatment Costs

  • Staff. Addiction treatment professionals are employed by treatment facilities– this means that the more counselors, treatment professionals, and staff that a facility employs, the higher the cost of treatment. Facilities that have more one-on-one treatment and a higher staff to client ratio provide a higher level of treatment for each individual, but as a result have more salaries to pay, and thus higher costs for attendance.
  • Food. Inpatient treatment facilities also provide generally three meals per day, sometimes more. The quality and amount of food provided also factor into the facility’s operating costs.
  • Space. You also get what you pay for in terms of space and comfort at an inpatient rehab. Facilities that offer private and semi-private rooms, comfortable or luxurious furnishings and amenities, and more space per person are going to be more expensive, but many find that these comforts make treatment an easier and more approachable process.
  • Activities. Most facilities offer some level of recreational therapies. Transportation to and from these activities, staff to supervise the outings, and costs of the outings themselves all increase the cost of treatment, but often provide invaluable experiences in terms of having fun sober and learning how to step into the “real world” as a sober individual.
  • Holistic Treatments. Holistic or “alternative” therapies also factor into the price of treatment. Facilities that do not offer these will likely be cheaper, but the benefits that treatments such as yoga, meditation, acupuncture, sauna therapy, and massage, have on people in early recovery are proven. These therapies all provide enormous benefits to not only the physical but the mental health of recovering addicts and alcoholics, but all also come with their own prices in terms of professional or licensed staff, designated spaces for the treatments, and any materials or equipment that are required.

The Costs of Addiction

When faced with a bulk payment for addiction treatment, it can seem prohibitively expensive. However, it helps to remember the costs of living in active addiction or alcoholism. The costs of feeding your daily habit alone can be steep. If you add up how much you spend on drugs and alcohol on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, the numbers can be extremely high. Further, there are other factors that are highly costly to an addict. Legal fees, for one, can add up quickly. Court fees, attorney costs, and fines are all very expensive, and only increase with each additional charge an addict incurs. Health costs are another- not only are drugs and alcohol damaging to many parts of the body and to general health, but the lifestyle of addicts and alcoholics is often damaging in itself. The effects on physical health and related medical costs are yet another factor to consider. Finally, there are financial costs in terms of job loss and productivity. Addiction saps the user of the ability to show up and be a productive employee- this usually results in loss of jobs and benefits, and time spent being unemployed means you have even less to spend on the costs of your addiction.

Don’t Let Costs Deter You

Ultimately, if you are a drug addict or alcoholic, you are suffering from a progressive and fatal illness. A happy and sober life is possible, but you have to start somewhere. Don’t let the costs of treatment keep you from getting the help you need. Many treatment facilities offer financing and other options that can make treatment possible, even on a tight budget. Take a look at our rehab cost guide to determine what amenities are important to you, and research various treatment facilities. The intake or admissions team at any given facility will be able to walk you through the costs and what your options are in terms of payment assistance. At the end of the day, whatever inpatient treatment costs is well worth the benefits to living a sober and happy life, and will ultimately be less expensive than continuing to live in active addiction.

Help is Available

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