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Many people think that getting sober means the end of a social life, or that the fun is over. This couldn’t be further from the truth (and really, how much fun is an addict or alcoholic really having when in the grips of their disease??)

Take the Actions

Sometimes, it is just up to you to “create the fellowship you crave”. What does this mean? Well, fellowship is the companionship and friendships we form in recovery with other sober people- finding friends that we can relate to and walk a sober and principled path with is invaluable to recovery. But depending on where you live, there may not be a very active social group of recovering addicts and alcoholics. So where there is a gap, take your opportunity!

How to Begin

Start reaching out to people at meetings. Make plans to meet up outside of the meeting- this not only gives you the chance to get to know other people in recovery, but it keeps you busy and reminds you that life does go on after getting sober! Whatever sober activities it is that you enjoy, see if others would like to join you. Plan group events, or if that seems overwhelming, stick to making plans with one or two others to start with! Your experience in recovery is up to you. But here are some helpful suggestions if you are stuck for ideas!

  • Coffee Meetups
  • Bowling
  • Dinners Out
  • Cookouts
  • Game Nights
  • Beach Trips
  • Going to the Movies
  • Sports (i.e.volleyball, flag football, basketball, etc)
  • Laser Tag
  • Book Clubs
  • Running or Working Out