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This summer, the Frederick County Health Department will be receiving $468,000 from a federal Substance Abuse Treatment Outcomes Partnership grant that is intended to help counties in the fight against the opiate epidemic.

How Will Frederick County be Using the Funds?

Most of the funds will be used for programs which provide counseling for at-risk populations, including peer recovery specialists for the Frederick County Adult Detention Center and at-risk youths in local schools.

Peer-Recovery Program

Peer Recovery Specialists are state or county employees who typically are themselves in recovery from substance abuse. In Frederick County, these specialists will be assigned to the county’s drug court and parole and probations office, as well as in the work release program at the Adult Detention Center. The specialists will serve as resources for inmates who are preparing for their release- to connect them with services, employment resources, and any other needs that will support the inmates’ continued recovery following their release. Furthermore, the county reports that a full-time employee will be hired to provide clinical treatment to incarcerated addicts.

School Program

A masters-level clinician will be hired to help in expanding the county’s existing ““Kids Like Us” program, which attempts to break the cycle of generational substance abuse by providing counseling groups for kids who are exposed to substance abuse in their immediate or extended families or caregivers. Research has shown that children with this type of firsthand exposure are much more likely to begin experimenting with and using drugs at an earlier age. The addition of a new clinician to the team will allow the program to expand from 20 to 28 local schools, providing these services to considerably more at-risk students.

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Help is Available

If you or someone you know if struggling with a substance abuse issue, get help before it is too late. Call the treatment professionals at 1-800-203-2024 for your free confidential assessment.