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Inpatient rehabs will typically vary in terms of what they allow clients to bring with them when they come for treatment. This is by no means an exhaustive list; simply a general idea of what you might expect when you begin to plan for your stay in treatment. You will be provided a list by your chosen facility, and the admissions team will be happy to answer any questions you have.

Some items typically suggested by admissions departments are comfortable clothing, weather-appropriate footwear and outerwear, personal hygiene items, personal identification, insurance/prescription cards, books, and journals or notebooks.

Most inpatient facilities do not allow use of personal electronic devices and cell phones, and it is wise not to bring any items of high value such as jewelry or expensive clothing/accessories. One point of attending an inpatient rehab is to detach yourself from the outside world, and to get the space you need to focus on yourself and your treatment. Obviously, no drugs or alcohol are allowed, unless there are prescribed medications, which will be given to and handed out by a medical team as needed. While you may think some of the rules set by your chosen facility as to what you can and can’t bring are unfair, they are put in place for the benefit of your recovery and for the safety and security of all the other clients.