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For some it is not until later on in life that they realize they are struggling with an addiction of some sort. Others and many more recently are beginning to realize their problem with drugs and drinking while in college, or even before.

Many Paths to Addiction

There is a misconception that continuous partying in college is the only thing leading to drug abuse and eventually addiction. Some of the misuse may start because of partying and “normal” curiosity. However, over time students may find that those drugs are a good way to deal with other issues presented in the college life. It is no secret that many students will buy stimulants such as adderall or vyvanse to help them with that ten page paper due tomorrow. This is typically a result of not only the stress, but at times their course load may seem as if it is to hard to handle. This can lead to a reliance on the drug, making it hard to complete anything without it. The same goes for other substances such as alcohol, marijuana or even Xanax. After all that stress, students may want turn to these as a way to relax and take the edge off. Which again, can easily become a habit followed by an addiction.

Often, Limited Options

Many schools will have on-site campus counselors or contracts with nearby counseling centers for their students. But how many of these counselors are actually educated in the alcohol and drug addiction field? After some research you may find that many big universities will have all types of counseling options, including multiple resources for addiction and drug misuse. While the smaller schools do have counseling, many will only be specialized for academics. The question left is, where are these college kids with the lack of resources left to go?

Make Help Available

Inpatient treatment is always the best option for overcoming an addiction, but for that to work the student at best would have to take a semester break from school. While this may be the best option, some may not feel as though they have the option to just take off. Then there is always the option of the student to do their own research for a nearby counseling center. This, like for anyone, can become challenging or even overwhelming for the student, leading them to call it quits easily. Some students may not even think or be aware of AA meetings, NA meetings, or any other resources that could be in their area. With the increasing concern regarding substance abuse we can only hope to see that schools and universities take the time to at the least make it known what options and resources students have available in the area.

If you know someone who is struggling with drugs or alcohol and are unsure where to turn for help, call Serenity Acres today at, 1-800-203-2024.