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When you become sober you may begin to find yourself questioning whether or not it is possible for you to drink in moderation. You may feel stable enough at social gatherings as others slowly drink their beverage that you too are capable of the same. That having just one drink won’t hurt, and it will not lead to another drunk. As a problem drinker, prior to committing to full sobriety you may decide to test your limits and see if moderation is something that is possible for you.

When is Enough, Enough?

The main idea behind drinking in moderation is to drink at a slow pace and to stop drinking after only having one or two. If after that second drink you find that your willpower seems to be diminishing and you are buying more drinks, then you may be brought to the conclusion that you really are an alcoholic. If you are a true alcoholic, drinking in moderation is not something that you can do. Sadly, for many it will typically take multiple failed attempts for them to fully realize moderation management is just something they cannot control.

Accepting Your Limitations

It can be hard to accept at first but once that realization sinks in, you really will begin to realize what your limitations are when it comes to alcohol. You may have to distance yourself from alcohol completely at first. So anytime your friends go out for drinks or to a restaurant with a bar you will find it best to kindly decline the invitation. Provided they support your recovery, you can still maintain these relationships by making alternative plans with them where there is no alcohol and no drinking is involved. Otherwise, if you are out and you notice they are having a drink and a good time you may find yourself wanting to do the same. It is these instances that can trigger your addiction and possibly lead to a relapse.

Freedom Will Come

Keep in mind that these limitations don’t last forever. The further you get in your sobriety the more comfortable and confident you will be in the presence of alcohol. You triggers may still be there or arise but by the time you have placed yourself back in an environment with alcohol you have have the insight to fight your urges. However, only you can determine when you have reached that point in your sobriety.

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