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It is not new news to anyone that the use of drugs can have an affect on a person’s health whether they have used for a long period of time or not. The University of Maryland recently conducted a study that revealed that those younger adults and adolescents who use cocaine are about six times more likely to have a stroke in comparison to the elder generations who may use the drug. However, the study did show that even those in their 30’s and 40’s still raise the possibility of a stroke every time that they use cocaine. The use of cocaine leads to elevated blood pressure, which makes a person more likely to have a stroke.

What Exactly Did the Study Find?

Within the study, a total of 1090 cases were analyzed of subjects ranging from 19 to 49 years of age, all of which had experienced a stroke at some point. Those individuals were then compared to a control group of 1154 cases of individuals who had not suffered a stroke. When the data was compared it came out to be that a majority of those who had experienced a stroke had previously used cocaine. While on the other end, many of those who had never had a stroke, have never touched the drug. During the study it was also discovered that those individuals who used the form of crack-cocaine through inhalation were about eight times mor likely to experience a stroke over the others. Let it also be pointed out that not all participants did use the drug. Approximately 28 percent of those who had experienced a stroke had never used the drug, along with 26 percent of the control group.

And the Conclusion?

The ending conclusion of the study was as follows: “Our data are consistent with a causal association between acute cocaine use and risk of early-onset ischemic stroke (IS).” That said, this is something that people especially the younger generations should be taking note of when using cocaine. Deterrence based on this information is unlikely; however, it is something to hope for. More so, it is information that can be shared and may lead to the deterrence of some, which is always better than none at all.

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