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When people begin thinking about treatment they refer back to people they knew and the things they heard to help them make a decision on where to go for treatment or whether to even go at all. Just as rumors spread throughout communities, the same can happen in regards to addiction treatment. Here are six common myths that you may come across.

Treatment is not affordable.

The biggest issue for many people is coming up with the money to pay for treatment. Depending on the insurance you have you may find that some of the places you would prefer to go do not have the coverage you need. Though you should always know, when there is a will there is a way! Some of your top picks may offer payment plans to make it easier on you and your wallet. Regardless of the money you should always go to the rehab that seems best for you because in the end, the money does not matter, your recovery does.

Treatment just doesn’t work.

There may be a number of people in your life who may just convince you not to go to treatment based on the fact that it does not work. In reality, they may have just had a loved one that was unable to live a life of recovery, or they were unable to stick to it themselves. Nonetheless, do not let those words discourage you, as countless people have gotten and remain sober thanks to going to treatment.

If you tried one form of recovery, you have tried them all.

Just because you tried one program or form of recovery and it did not fit does not mean that that there is not the perfect one out there for you! Before anything else you should always research and even tour your possible place of recovery before making any decisions. It may be everything you want on paper but once you are there it can be a whole different story.

Detox is all you need.

Detox is something that does work for some people, but not everyone. Detox simply helps you wean your body off of a substance but they do not teach you recovery methods or anything else. Therefore, the mental impulse and triggers can still arise and lead you towards a relapse.

You need to be religious.

Nonreligious people who look into programs seem to shut down once they realize that a higher power is involved and many do refer to theirs as “God”. However, it is not necessary for you to be religious to be a part of the recovery program. All that is needed is you want and need to better yourself. Also, there are a number of programs that are nonreligious if that does offer more comfort.

It’s boring.

A common assumption of rehabs is that they are going to leave you bored out of your mind. In reality, you will find that with many you will always be up off your feet. In rehab they help you get back on track with a consistent schedule all day, every day. Between the counseling, groups, meetings and other activities there is no way you will find yourself bored.

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