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The occurrence of mental health issues on top of an addiction is a common problem for many people. It has not been until more recent years that we have discovered that the best and most efficient ways to fight addiction along with a co-occurring disorders is through dual diagnosis treatment. While outpatient dual diagnosis treatment can be effective, the preferred method would be inpatient dual diagnosis treatment. That is ultimately because when a client enters an inpatient facility they are taken out of their normal environment that holds those cues and triggers that led to their mental illness and addiction in the first place.

Addressing Both Problems

The main problem with fighting either an addiction or mental illness alone or primarily over the other is that it is at most a temporary fix. An addiction can begin as a result of self-medication for a mental illness such as depression and anxiety. Just as depression and anxiety may become a result of an addiction. While fixing the primary problem may seem like the easy solution, it is not always the most permanent fix. The fact is that in time both your addiction and mental illness have become intertwined together, and depending on the substance and amount of use, it may have even rewired your brain.

Providing a Lasting Solution

Just as the disorders are intertwined with one another, the treatments of both need to be as well, in a way that will not become overbearing for the client. With overcoming the addiction side the client may begin to notice that feeling of numbness disappear as their emotions and clarity of mind begin to return. Prior to and while this is happening the client needs to be taught how to cope and deal with these feelings. These feelings along with other environmental factors can be considered as triggers for the client and may set them further back in their progress with recovery. The overall goal of it all is to show that it is possible to overcome the obstacles in life without returning to self-medication.

Finding Treatment for Dual Diagnosis

Going to a facility that offers dual diagnosis treatment will do much more than help you overcome an addiction, it will help teach you how to live a healthier lifestyle. Through the help of your counselors you will be able to identify your triggers and be better prepared for them when they occur. You will be better equipped to plan for your future and any obstacles you may face along the way. More than anything, through dual diagnosis treatment you are able to get your true self back.

Help for Dual Diagnosis is Available

If you know someone or believe that you are someone who needs dual diagnosis treatment contact one of our addictions specialist at Serenity Acres today, at 1-800-203-2024.