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For many high school students, prom is an event to be remembered. It is one of the hallmark experiences of high school, and has become almost a rite of passage for adolescents. The dates, the dresses, the limos, the dancing- it all can add up to a magical evening. However, it can also present a serious danger, one that Baltimore County is working to prevent.

Prom Drinking and Drug Use Statistics

  • In 2014, 10% of all teen motor vehicle crash deaths were in the month of June- central to prom season.
  • A quarter of 16-20 year old drivers who die in crashes have high blood alcohol concentrations.
  • A 2014 survey of 16-19 year olds found that 41% predicted that they or their friends would use drugs or alcohol on prom night.
  • 54% of teens who admitted that they consumed four or more alcoholic beverages during or after the prom.

Safe Alternatives for After Prom

Baltimore County has already begun prevention efforts to provide safe and drug-free alternatives for high school students for Prom 2016. Their Safe and Sober Prom Season 2016 Parent Guide and Pledge Book provides information for parents on how to keep their children safe, without taking away their chance at having a fun and memorable Prom 2016 experience. Further, the Baltimore County Department of Health offers grants to help schools or parents host after prom parties. These after prom events reduce high risk behaviors, and allow students the chance to continue the fun of prom night in a safe, supervised, and drug-free environment. After Prom Parties are typically staffed and organized by a school’s Parent/Teacher/Student Association, or After-Prom committees. The Baltimore County Department of Health states that every school that submits a complete After Prom grant application will receive at least some financial assistance. More information on this program, and how to successfully apply and organize an after-prom event, can be found here.


If you, your child, or someone you know has a problem with drugs or alcohol, it isn’t too late to get help. Call the addictions professionals at Serenity Acres Treatment Center today for more information, 1-800-203-2024.