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Admitting or even realizing you have a problem with drugs and alcohol can be hard. It can be even harder to get help after you do come to this realization. There are a number of ways of determining whether or not you may benefit from the help of addiction therapy.

Missing work or school
With continuous drinking and drug use you may begin to fall behind in classes or on work, missing class/work or arriving late. As this continues it is only so long before your boss or professor notices. Which, if not controlled, can result in failing the class or being fired.

Absent from loved ones lives
After a while of using you may notice yourself beginning to pull away from your loved ones. When using you begin to isolate yourself which can create a number of problems within your personal relationships. Showing up for friends and family becomes secondary to getting the next drink or drug.

It is possible to have blackouts before a real problem has begun, but even still they should be taken as a warning sign that a problem is developing. More so, if they are a regular occurrence it is a definite sign that you should talk to someone about getting help with your substance use.

Legal Troubles
With an addiction it is almost inevitable to have some sort of run-in with the law, whether it’s a DUI from drinking or possession of drugs – odds are it is going to catch up with you. As bad as this can be, it can at times prove to be a beneficial wake up call. More than that, depending on the situation it may be possible to go to treatment as opposed to serving a sentence in jail or prison.

Financial Issues
It is no secret that alcohol and drugs are expensive. That said, it is understood that with an addiction a majority of the money you have is going towards supporting your habit. This can hurt not only you but your family tremendously, leaving them in debt and struggling to get by.

Lying about Use
By lying to loved ones, assuring them you do not have a problem or you are not under the influence, you are causing harm. Whether you want to believe it or not, and regardless of your motivations, lying about your use is a sure sign of a problem.

Heightened Tolerance or More Severe Withdrawals
Over time, consistent drug or alcohol use begins to produce tolerance, and you will eventually get to a point where you are incapable of going through your day-to-day routine without being under the influence. With that heightened tolerance and dependence comes more severe withdrawals when you go a period of time without the substance.

Loss of Control
It is easy after a while to let the alcohol and drugs take over your life. This is a loss of control over your substances. No matter how much you want to limit your usage, you cannot consistently fight the urge to drink or use more.

Loved Ones Have Approached You About Your Use
Whenever loved ones begin to approach you about your drinking or drug use, it means that it is becoming apparent to the outside world. This can be reason enough to acknowledge that you may have a real problem and need to get professional help.

You’ve Tried to Quit or Are Unsure How
Over the course of your addiction you may have become aware of a problem on some level. You may have even tried to overcome it yourself, but that sounds much simpler than it really is. The need and want to overcome your addiction is more than reason enough to search for the best addiction treatment for you.

If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction and may be ready to get help, call the professionals at Serenity Acres today, at 1-800-203-2024, for a free confidential assessment.