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Recently, the CEO of Serenity Acres, Larry Adler, was featured in the Capital Gazette, discussing his thoughts on the state of addiction and treatment in the state of Maryland. The opinion editorial came on the heels of the final recommendations for Larry Hogan’s Heroin and Opioid Emergency Task Force were released. Larry provides an interesting perspective on this topic, because not only has he personally experienced the devastating effects of addiction, but he has made addiction treatment a career and priority in his life. Helping struggling addicts and alcoholics is a passion for him, and he is a firsthand witness to the benefits of addiction treatment. And in fact, that is exactly what this article suggests is needed.

While Hogan’s task force certainly made much-needed recommendations for the heroin epidemic sweeping across the area, Adler says that much more is needed in terms of accessibility of addiction treatment for addicted individuals. There is still a much needed shift that needs to happen in how addicts are perceived, and how the insurance companies handle coverage for addiction treatment. Until then, Adler believes that it is up to the state to fill the gaps and focus on treating those who are already addicted, not just running prevention campaigns. Read the full editorial here.