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The idea of smoking alcohol to many seems ludicrous and unlikely, until recently. A study was done by Yale University finding that while e-cigarettes do help with the craving of nicotine that smokers endure, they can also inhibit the smoker’s driving. The majority of “vape juices” (liquid for e-cigarettes and vaporizers) contain less than one percent of alcohol, but when an e-cigarette user used any vape juice that had a decent level of alcohol content, their motor skills were greatly impaired. In general, the amount of alcohol the vape juice contained would determine how affected the individual was.

Enough Alcohol to Inebriate

When using the vape liquids that contained more alcohol, many of the smokers did not even realize they were becoming impaired by the e-cigarette. In the study, a number of the users actually had enough of the alcohol present in their body via the inhaled vapor that it showed up in a urine screening. That said, if they are influenced enough by the vapor it is possible that when operating a motor vehicle they could not pass a DUI test. Although it is much easier for the body to process alcohol by means of the vapor, the effect happens more quickly and efficiently on the brain, which still could lead to them being too under the influence to drive.

Knowing this information, it is hopeful that more people who smoke e-cigarettes will pay attention to how much alcohol is present in the vapor liquids they use. The only roadblock here is that with the continued increased popularity of e-cigarettes, many people have also moved onto making their own vapor liquids. By making these homemade e-liquids, it can be difficult to track how much alcohol is present in the solution.

Vaping in Teens

One of the main concerns of many is the popularity of the vaping trend among the younger generation, as they are the most at risk. Among high schoolers, the use of e-cigarettes has grown to 13% as compared to 1% five years ago, while 4% of middle schoolers use them. A lot of this can be attributed to the increased marketing promoting the health benefits of e-cigarettes as compared to actual cigarettes, and the large number of flavors possible. Further, use of vaporizers is easier to conceal from parents and authority figures, as there isn’t a lingering smoke smell. The continued use of of e-juices that contain alcohol can lead to addictive tendencies with not only the nicotine that is present, but also potentially the alcohol. Regular use in minors can also have effects on the developing brain just as other substances. Because of these factors combined, some states like Oklahoma have decided to ban them for all minors.

Regardless of this study and the other general information we know about the use of e-cigarettes, there is no telling what the long term effects are of their use. All we know so far is that compared to cigarettes, there is not much of a difference other than having various flavors. They do not really help kick the smoking habit, and are more or less just another alternative to tobacco cigarettes.

Struggling with Alcohol?

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