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In the past, if someone with medicaid needed addiction treatment services, they would typically have nothing to rely on other than the services provided by the state and local government. Now that addiction awareness is rising, Medicaid is beginning to propose further coverage of treatment resources. Medicaid’s new plan will give those insured by it the chance to have 15 days covered a month of inpatient rehab.

There have been many mixed opinions about this change. While overall, everyone is happy that Medicaid is now providing funding for inpatient addiction treatment, a number of people are unsatisfied with the fact that treatment is only being covered for 15 days. The majority of inpatient facilities offer a 28 day stay at a minimum, unless the client decides to leave early on their own. Anything less than a month stay in treatment is typically deemed ineffective. In fact, many people find themselves in treatment for numerous months at a time to ensure that they are prepared to continue through a life of sobriety after rehab. With many substances, it takes some 15 days to just begin to recover from the withdrawal symptoms.

It is important to keep in mind that prior to this legislation, Medicaid did not offer any funding when it came to addiction services; while 15 days may not be much, it is still more than nothing. If anything, the individual may begin treatment off of medicaid, and once the 15 days have been covered they rest they pay out of pocket or with any other arrangement they are able to make with the facility. Some states have been able to find ways around the old program, or lack thereof. Pennsylvania found a loophole where they were able to receive federal reimbursement for addiction services through medicaid. However, with this new change they fear that this loophole will disappear. Just as before, the state governments will pay for as much as they see fit for the individual receiving treatment.

Regardless of the downsides that may come about through this, it is still a big step in the right direction. With Medicaid now beginning to help fund treatment, it is obvious that a new perspective on addiction is finally taking root. Hopefully with this new 15 day funding, success will follow, leading to more benefits over time. Eventually, we hope to have 30 day or more coverage so addicts can at least receive a thorough spectrum of treatment. Having at the least a month of benefits can be beneficial in allowing addicts to get through withdrawal, as well as learning new coping strategies for whenever they complete treatment.

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