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It is no secret that with addiction, the person struggling goes through constant trials and is internally hurting throughout it all. But it is also true that the addict is not the only one enduring pain because of their addiction, but the loved ones and people around them on a regular basis. Sadly, it is usually not until recovery has begun that they truly realize the pain they have caused others. But how exactly are these people affected by the addict’s choices? What is it that they do that causes others so much pain?


Money is something a majority of people already stress out about on a regular basis. Throwing drugs into the mix only adds more stress to the matter. Both drugs and alcohol are things that do not come cheap, and depending on the amount of abuse, addiction can be costly. If money is tight you may find yourself stealing money or valuable items from loved ones. With continued drug use, you will eventually begin to jeopardize your job. Rash decisions may be made because of your addiction, such as taking out a mortgage on the house or diving into your child’s college fund.


With drug addiction you begin to close yourself off from everyone around you; family, friends, and even coworkers. Your interest in things begins to diminish and you find your only priority is your drug of choice. Whether you are a parent or not, you have people in your life that are counting on you. When you begin to put using ahead of them you are letting them down. More than that, because they care about you they try to help, in any way that they know how or can. Depending on you in that moment you may have a variety of reactions, but usually their concerns are disregarded, hurting them further. If you are a parent, depending on the age of your child they may not in that moment understand, but they eventually will. This may lead to them questioning if it is their fault that you are using. At times your significant other may find themselves doing the same. Sometimes you may find that it actually goes the other way. As hurt as your loved ones are, they become jealous or bitter over your use. Jealousy over your drug of choice receiving the love they long for and bitter that you do choose the drug over them. As a loved one it is hard to come to terms with the concept that they do not always realize the pain and suffering they are causing, but it is necessary.


Aside from the people around you, it is important to realize that you are hurting yourself. Over time with an addiction your self esteem may begin to diminish. Your interest and love for things are not what they once were and this can leave you with the feeling of a void inside. Yet to fill this, for a while the answer is to continue with your drug of choice. However, using only allows you to avoid them for the time being while also worsening any problems. Adding on to that, all substances hold negative health consequences (many of which can be life threatening). Whether you choose to believe it or not, you are more than your addiction and it is something that you can overcome.

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