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Once you’ve completed rehab, you may feel at a loss on where to go from there. After all, there’s a number of options. You could go home, but then again it is risky to return to an environment that you previously used or drank in. Your other option is to try sober living, which is probably the best decision that you could make. Here is why:


Unlike at home, you will be surrounded with others facing the world just as you are. Remaining in this environment can be almost necessary for your recovery. Within the sober community, you encounter a number of influential people who can offer wisdom when you need it. By living in a sober house, you are always around those who can relate and help you with your recovery when you need it the most.


Sober living is a great way to remember how to participate in the world around you. It provides many valuable lessons and learning experiences. You gain responsibility, learning what it takes to live on your own while also learning how to maintain your recovery. However, there are rules to help keep you in line if need be.


While in treatment you were able to experience a great sense of support, whether it be from your peers, your therapists, or anyone else you came into contact with. Sober living can offer a similar if not the same amount of support. While in sober living you are surrounded by people who may be very different, yet you all are working towards a similar goal. This peer support can be hard to find otherwise right out of treatment.


In sobriety, preparation is a key point- preparation to face triggers, tempting situations, and everything else that comes across your path. Sober living is the least challenging transition you can take from treatment back into the world. It is preparation for you to be able to eventually hold a place of your own and be able to be a part of society while successfully maintaining your sobriety. You are also able to save money while in your sober house, to better prepare to eventually move out and on your own.

Staying Involved

More than anything, living in a sober house keeps you involved in the sober community. This is very important while you are in early recovery. A requirement among many sober living homes is that you have to be involved and some even hold meetings at the home for residents along with anyone else who may decide to attend. More so, some also may offer continuing treatment and provide IOP including therapy for the residents of the home.