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Life tools are a necessity for everyone and everyone has challenges that they face. Sometimes, we begin to feel down on ourselves or overwhelmed by life, and it may feel as though we lack the tools necessary to handle it. Here are some helpful tools for you to carry in your sobriety tool kit.

Stay clear of any and all substances.

This is important particularly in early recovery. No matter how confident you may feel in that moment, you are likely still powerless over the substance, meaning that once that drink or drug is in front of you it becomes a little harder to maintain your self control. It takes working the steps and actively pursuing a program of recovery, and often some time, to get to a point where you are capable of being in an environment like that.

Attend meetings.

Even when you are not in the mood. You never know, the meeting you attend may give you a new perspective on whatever struggles you are having in that moment.

Stay busy and avoid being alone.

Boredom is what leads your mind to wander and think about what you used to do in those instances rather than nothing being bored. The same with being alone. If there is no one there to hang out with, call someone. Be honest and tell them you just need to talk as a distraction. Odds are they will be more than willing to talk or make a plan to meet up.

Change up your routine.

While yes, you should avoid any drastic changes that can be overwhelming, venturing away from your everyday routine can be refreshing. It keeps you from being bored and sometimes can offer more excitement than you realize.

Help others in recovery.

This can not only make a difference in their lives, but it benefits yours as well. The feeling of helping someone who is struggling can help you regain a more positive outlook on your recovery. It can be a reminder of why you are in recovery, and why it is worth the fight.

Keep an open mind.

Not everything is as it seems, and even “negative” situations typically have a positive side. If you can’t find the positive point, then it is just another lesson learned, which in the future can prove to be beneficial.

Share your happiness, even if it is lacking.

One of the greatest thing you can do with your sobriety is spread the happiness it brings you, even on your worst days. If the only good thing out of your day is making someone else smile, let that be the reason you smile. It is contagious, after all.

Do not dwell on the past.

In early sobriety, you may reflect on the “good times” from when you were using, and you might miss it. Remind yourself that while that may have been a good memory it is just that, a memory, and for every good memory of drinking or using there are several bad.

Take responsibility for your actions.

Remember that mistakes are a part of life, and everyone makes them. Therefore, is not necessary to place blame anywhere other than where blame is due. Admit to your mistakes, and take responsibility not only for them, but for fixing them.

Take life day by day.

Don’t let the idea of staying sober for a lifetime be overwhelming. Live your life for today and what it is, not yesterday nor tomorrow. Progress is made a day at time.

And most importantly, WORK THE PROGRAM.

Participation in and pursuing a life of recovery absolutely requires that you work the program. Working the program means getting a sponsor, going through the steps, and trying to be of service to those around you.

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