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Rehab or addiction treatment will only be as effective as the effort you are willing to put into it. Here are 10 suggestions that will help you to get the most out of your treatment experience.

Follow the Rules

When you go to rehab you will find that there are a number of rules you must follow, many of which may seem trivial to you, but they still need to be followed. Rules are always established for a reason, and in the long run you may find that they were much more beneficial than you realized.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask

For someone who has never received treatment, rehab can be overwhelming, and you likely have some level of curiosity and questions. Don’t be afraid to ask, odds are you are not the first person to ask or even the only one wondering. Staff members will be more than happy to answer any questions or concerns.

Forget the Negativity

Wipe all those negative perceptions of rehab away, because they are a thing of your past. For you to be successful in your treatment, you need to be optimistic and open to making changes. Harboring negative thoughts does nothing but hold you back.

Be Realistic

You will find that you will be encouraged to set many goals while in rehab. As great as it is to dream big, which is never discouraged, it is important to remain realistic. If anything, manage your goals by determining if they are long term or immediate.


Anyone who offers you wisdom or suggestions while in rehab, listen to them. Whether it be a therapist or someone else in the program, they all have a life of experiences to share. You never know whose words can inspire you or save you later in life.


There are a lot of group meetings and activities in rehab, and you may notice people sharing their stories or encouraging you to share yours. If you are comfortable enough, you should do so. Like before, your story could change someone else’s life and outlook, you never know. Not to mention, when you open up about your struggles, others can offer their experience and suggestions.

Take Time For You

A lot of time in rehab, you will be surrounded by others, but do not let this keep you from taking time to yourself. Focusing on yourself is a big part to rehab to better yourself. Find an outlet where you can relax, such as drawing or reading a book.


While you are there, you will be given a counselor. At first you may be weary about to opening up them, but don’t be. There are there to help you and do it because they care. Besides, you may end up feeling more comfortable with them than you think.

Never Forget Why You Are There

Through it all, never forget what brought you to getting help in the first place. It can be easy to forget this when you are having doubts or experiencing withdrawal symptoms. Stay focused and let those reasons you came to get help be your strength.

Make a Plan

While you are in rehab, your counselor will help you to determine what some of your triggers are. Take note of these; literally, write them down. Develop a plan of what to do when they occur, how you will overcome the urges, and you can work on ideas with your therapist as well. You also want to have a comprehensive aftercare plan in place, including sober living arrangements and continued therapy.

All of these are a number of ways to get the most out of rehab. However, continuing to use these points throughout your recovery can be beneficial.

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