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Fighting addiction has been a process that many have been trying to simplify for years through the use of medications and other helpful alternatives. One of these alternatives is Buprenorphine, or probuphine (also known as Suboxone and Subutex). Buprenorphine is a narcotic that is used in treatment of both pain and opioid addiction. The substance is capable of reducing the effects of physical withdrawal, which, for many, is one of the most significant barriers to recovery. It is capable of blocking cravings and blocks the effects of opioid based substances when they are used. It also comes in many forms such as oral tablets, patches, film strips, and possibly soon, matchstick size implants.

Braeburn Pharmaceuticals is now working on their second attempt at getting the FDA to approve the new implantable form. In 2013, the implant was denied by the FDA- more information was required, such as how many rods are needed to be effective, as well as the total rate of success compared to other alternative options. Braeburn then returned and conducted a double blind study using the Probuphine implants on 177 patients. What they found was that they are actually more effective than the use of other forms of Buprenorphine. However, it was noted that approximately one in four of the participants in the study experienced mild adverse effects at the implant site.

Aside from the possible effects at the implant site, a number of benefits can come along with the use of Probuphine implants as opposed to other alternatives. You never have to worry about remembering to take your medication. It is a total of four rods that are inserted under the skin near the elbow and last for six months at a time. That is twice a year that you would have to worry about visiting your physician as opposed to going to the pharmacy to get refills on a regular basis and remembering whether or not you took your medication for the day. Also, seeing as the rods are permanently under the skin, there is no worrying about losing, selling or having your medication stolen. Further, your dosage is controlled and there is no worrying about misuse or abuse of your medication. Lastly, if you find that rehab is still necessary or you have a jail sentence that needs to be served while you are on the implant it can be beneficial for a majority of the time.

The FDA is scheduled to make their final decision in regards to the probuphine implant sometime this coming February. “Patients with opioid dependence need and deserve new treatment options. Our vision is to bring a suite of individualized long-acting treatments to patients struggling with opioid dependence as quickly as possible,” said Behshad Sheldon, President and CEO of Braeburn Pharmaceuticals in an article by Business Wire.

If you or a loved one is having trouble with opioid based substances such as painkillers or heroin reach out for recovery today. For further information on treatment options call one of the professionals at Serenity Acres, at 1-800-203-2024.