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There are multiple times in life when sometimes you just are not as chipper or confident in yourself as before, and these can be common while in recovery. Though as hard as it gets it is important that when this happens you try your best to rise above it. In fact, increasing your self-worth can be more simple than you realize.

9 Ways to Increase Your Self-Worth

  1. Say No
    Learning to say no is a big part of recovery, though for many it can be challenging. Many think it takes time and the right words to tell friends and family that they are now living a life of sobriety. In reality, there really is not a trick to telling loved ones you quit drinking or using drugs, you simply
    do it. Those that really care will be supportive and encouraging of this effort to better yourself.
  2. Rid Yourself Of Those Who Put You Down
    If saying no doesn’t go well or just some people decide to put you down for getting clean, then it may be time to reevaluate that relationship. Keeping those negative people in your life can be destructive not only to your self-worth but also your recovery in general.
  3. Take Pride In Yourself
    By taking pride in yourself you will actually increase your self-worth a good amount. Improving your lifestyle by getting clean, paying attention to the way you dress, practicing good hygiene, and setting daily minor goals can be incredibly rewarding. More so, your increased self-worth will be evident to those around you and they will take note of your raised confidence level.
  4. Help Others
    Helping yourself is important, but helping others can be more rewarding to your self-worth. By helping others you feel more accomplished. Helping others with something you have personal experience with can reap incredible benefits, such as helping another person in recovery. It can be a helpful reminder to you as well that sometimes it is okay to ask for help.
  5. Tell Someone How Much You Appreciate Them
    Increasing others self-worth can be helpful in increasing your own. By reminding your loved ones how appreciative you are for them not only will make them feel good, but it makes you feel good too for being open and honest.
  6. Focus On Your Strengths
    By focusing on your strengths you remain capable of improvement. This improvement can be rewarding making you feel more comfortable and confident in your everyday life. People will also take note of your strengths and ask for help themselves resulting in their further appreciation of you. And like they say, confidence is key.
  7. Believe In Yourself
    Criticism can be hard to deal with, especially when we are actually criticising ourselves. Questioning yourself can at times send us into a dark hole that once we are in can be hard to get out of. Having faith in yourself during recovery is almost necessary and can go a long way to improve your self-worth.
  8. Do Something For Yourself Once A Day
    It is so often that we get caught up in everyday life that we forget to reward ourselves for the positive things that we do. You should reflect on your positive actions once a day and reward yourself. Remind yourself that you are working towards progress, and you deserve something for that even if it is something as small as cookie.
  9. Forgive Others and Forgive Yourself
    Above all, forgiveness is the most essential to achieving a higher self-worth. It is in recovery you learn that you must not only forgive others, but yourself as well. It is through forgiveness that true strength is exhibited. Thus by forgiving yourself for whatever it may be, you are able to look forward and move on from the past.

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