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Prior to rock bottom, your addiction engulfs you. Your drug of choice (DOC) is your life, your love and everything else is secondary, whether you like to admit it or not. While prior to this you may have acknowledged that you might have a problem, most of us operated with a fairly high level of denial. Your DOC is manipulative and maintains a hold on your attention. Maybe you are just not at that point where you are truly ready to let go of or admit to your addiction. Maybe you could admit to it but you’ve found comfort in your DOC. Then maybe you did eventually admit to it and try to stop, but it was all failed attempts.

Many people see rock bottom as the worst possible place they can find themselves in life. But whether we like to admit it or not, there are always ways that it could be worse. We’ve all had those times when we feel as though we are as low as we can get. Some of us prove ourselves wrong and somehow keep digging lower. Then some of us take that moment as a lesson and go the only direction we think we can– up. This is your rock bottom. As an addict can tell you, it is typically not until they hit their rock bottom that gives them the wake up call they have been needing.

But what does rock bottom look like?

Rock bottom can appear as a result of losing loved ones, a job, or just feeling tired of being controlled by the substance. No matter the reason you’ve reached rock bottom, it means that you are ready to receive the help that is needed to begin a life of recovery. The idea of rock bottom can be misleading to many. It is assumed that an addict must lose a number of people and things to cause them to want to recover. This is not the case. An addict can simply come to a realization with the loss of nothing. Just the feeling that they are at their lowest point in their life and the willingness to make a change.

Some addicts who have a lower bottom than others may also see themselves as less capable compared to those who did not fall as far. It is important to realize that your recovery is just that, your recovery. It should not be compared in a negative fashion to anyone else’s. There is nothing stating that just because your bottom is lower that you are more likely to relapse or struggle more with your recovery.

You don’t have to lose everything.

All that said, it is important to realize that rock bottom is not a necessity for an addict to begin treatment. As stated prior it is possible for someone to just make the decision that they do not want to continue living life the same way. Some addicts may have an experience such as an overdose that encourages them to seek treatment. Regardless, whether they hit rock bottom or not, they are seeking help.

If you or a loved one has decided that it is the right time for you to seek help contact Serenity Acres today at 1-800-203-2024 where you can speak to an Addictions Specialist.