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There are a number of different treatment styles available, making it hard to choose which may be the best option for you. Different facilities will offer different levels of care for their clients, all of which should be taken into consideration when choosing a treatment center.

Inpatient Treatment Facilities

Among the different treatment options available, inpatient is the most intensive of them all. Inpatient facilities house clients for typically a minimum of 30 days; however, some facilities have clients who will extend to longer lengths of treatment as needed. These facilities are beneficial in that they take the individual out of their environment, allowing them to strictly focus on their treatment. Compared to other treatment styles, inpatient or residential facilities are more expensive, though they tend to have much more to offer. Depending on the facility, there are variations on which modalities and amenities are provided. Because the clientele reside in the facility, 24-hour staff is required and can be beneficial in case of an emergency. The therapy offered at inpatient facilities can also be more in-depth compared to other treatment styles, as they tend to offer more individual therapy versus group therapy. Some may also hold family therapy sessions.

Partial Hospitalization Treatment

Partial hospitalization is one step down from inpatient/residential treatment. Typically for this treatment option, clients will attend sessions for several hours per day Monday through Friday. This is for individuals who have acute problems but it is not to the point where they require 24-hour supervision. They follow many of the same lessons and rules of inpatient facilities.

Outpatient Treatment Facility

Outpatient treatment allows clients to live at home while the individual continues living a normal life outside of recovery with work and other daily routines. These facilities will offer clients group-oriented therapy, and some may offer individual therapy as well. Meetings can range from a couple times a week to daily depending on the facility. Compared to inpatient, outpatient is a more affordable option. Depending on the specific facility, some may focus on or be more specialized for a particular substance. There are also intensive outpatient treatment (IOP) facilities. These are held on the same basis as outpatient, but more time involvement is required. IOP will be more likely among those who do not need to go through medically supervised detox to begin recovery.

Community Sober Houses

Community living or sober houses are group homes for addicts where they have set rules to follow in order to live there. Examples of these rules could be having a curfew, and having to submit to random drug testing depending on the house. These homes can be beneficial for addicts as they learn to maintain certain responsibilities like paying rent, buying their own food, and anything else they may require. This helps residents of the house take responsibility for both themselves and their behavior outside of the home.

Detoxification Treatment Facilities

Anyone who is struggling with physical addiction or dependency should begin recovery with detox treatment. Detox can often be included in inpatient treatment, but there are separate facilities that offer detox only. These facilities offer medication-assisted and medically-supervised treatment, but typically offer nothing in terms of mental health or addiction recovery. Compared to other treatment methods, detox is usually the cheapest and shortest option.

DUI/DWI Education

This is more of an educational treatment option, and is typically mandated by the court system. The court order will call for a certain number of hours to be completed and will usually have a date that all the hours must be completed by. It is often in the defendant’s favor to begin the education classes or treatment prior to their hearing, as the judge may take note that they are taking responsibility for their actions and offer a lighter sentence.

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