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With so many sources of advice and concern, early recovery can be overwhelming. You will likely hear many different pieces of advice, and determining what will work best for you is a process. However, there are certain things that will consistently help any recovering addict or alcoholic.

Make Your Recovery Your Focus

During recovery, it is okay and expected for you to be a little selfish. Your recovery should be your number one concern and focus. While maintaining a job, getting through school and other expectations are important, the most important thing in this moment is your recovery. Anything put before your recovery is at risk of being lost. But if you put your recovery first and get the help needed, then everything that follows is likely to be more permanent.

One Day At A Time

Recovery can be hard. Some days are even harder than others and we all know that when it rains it pours. This is why it is important to take your recovery one day at a time. Changing your daily lifestyle so drastically can be overwhelming. Some days it may get to the point where you may contemplate returning to old habits, but taking every day as it comes can make recovery less intimidating and more manageable.

Open Up And Talk

Recovery can be a stressful process, so having loved ones you can talk to can make a world of difference. There will be times in your recovery where you may feel weak and need to talk it out with a friend, family member or your sponsor. It may be hard or even awkward at first, but establishing that support system can provide you with the strength and support needed to continue on a path to recovery.

Change Your View

Change is a part of life and an even bigger part of recovery. Changing your view of things such as your environment can be an asset in the recovery lifestyle. With these changes you are accepting a new life and opening your mind to it. Returning to old environments and old friends in recovery can be dangerous to your progress, especially in the early stages. If you are still having trouble leaving the environment or there are circumstances that keep you from doing so, look for safe havens nearby that can be beneficial such as AA or NA meetings.

Stay Busy

Being bored in recovery can be dangerous at times, because you may recall the lack of boredom before your life of sobriety. Take this time to open up to new hobbies and activities. Whether you get a gym membership, start volunteering or even work a little overtime, staying busy can always be beneficial to your recovery. By keeping your time occupied you are less likely to become bored and be tempted to fall back into old habits.

Never Give Up

No matter where your recovery leads, never give up. Relapse is something you want to avoid, but it does happen and it should not be something you let stand in the way of your recovery. Let it be a point that you just have to strive a little harder or focus on your recovery a little bit more. Just remember, recovery is possible and more than worth it, no matter how long it takes you to get there.