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There’s a new law being proposed in Maryland that aims to give those in the fight against drugs much more leverage than ever. Maryland state lawmakers have proposed House Bill 222 which would allow prosecutors to charge drug dealers and manufacturers for heroin-related deaths. Under the new bill, dealers would face upwards of 30 years in prison for the distribution of both heroin and fentanyl (another drug which is often laced into heroin) in cases which a death such as an overdose occurs.

The law is being viewed as a powerful new tool in the growing effort to combat the rising heroin problem in the state. This bill would essentially allow state prosecutors to wield harsher punishments to dealers by classifying deaths related to the sale of heroin as homicides. Critics, however, have argued that the bill focuses too much on the punishment aspect of the heroin problem and does little to address the core issue of the addiction itself. It is important to note that the legislation does contain a provision that would gives immunity for a dealer who calls 911 in the event of a heroin-related emergency.

The heroin crisis in the state is a scary one; one that should not be taken likely. Any addiction – whether it to heroin, prescription medication, alcohol, marijuana, or any other substance – should be cause enough to seek professional treatment. It is important to know and understand the signs and symptoms of addiction, and to educate others about the dangers associated with addiction. If you have any questions or concerns about yourself or a loved one, speak with one of our professional addiction specialists today at 1-800-203-2024. Begin fighting back today.