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If you are reading this right now, then there is a good chance you may be going through some sort of difficulty in your life. For some, it’s alcohol – for others, drugs – and for even more, depression. Many times, it may even be a combination of any of those. According to a national survey on drug use and health, in 2007, 23.2 million people (about 9% of the U.S. population) over the age of 12 were in need of treatment for illicit drug or alcohol abuse. Of all those individuals, only 2.4 million (10.4% of those who needed treatment) received treatment at a specialty facility (i.e. hospital, drug or alcohol rehabilitation or mental health center). That means that 20.8 million people (89.6% of the people who needed treatment) did not receive it. And these estimates prove similar year after year.

Reasons People May Avoid Treatment

Like many other problems in life, substance abuse is often met with denial – both on the part of the individual, and that person’s close friends and family. You may believe you have the issue under control. The people around you may not want to believe that things are as bad as they actually are. Even those who come face-to-face with the depths of their addictions may still avoid treatment for a number of reasons. Maybe you think there’s some sort of social stigma attached to going into rehab. Maybe you’re afraid of appearing vulnerable. Maybe it’s the financial aspect of receiving treatment that you’re worried about. Or maybe you honestly believe that you can overcome your problems without the need of professional help. Whatever your reasoning is for avoiding treatment, the truth of the matter is: getting professional help is the only real and viable, long-term option to better your life. Research shows that people who receive treatment, and stick with it, stop using drugs, decrease their criminal activity, and improve their occupational, social, and psychological functioning.

Why Should I Get Help

There’s a saying that goes “Everybody is somebody’s everything.” Whether you be a son or a daughter, a mother or a father, a brother or a sister, a friend, a coworker, a neighbor, a mentor, a smiling face at the grocery store… whatever your role is in society, you can never fully understand the true and full value that is your life. Life may seem overwhelming at times, but you must always remember that even if you can’t control your problems, you can control how you deal with them.  No one grows up wanting to lose control to drugs or alcohol. But it’s important to know that you have the power to take back those reigns. Don’t wait for things to get better – make them better. Every day is a new chance for new opportunities. Invest in your future today.

What Are My Options

Not all recovery programs involve inpatient stays. Some programs involve daily attendance and participation in group programs such as Narcotics Anonymous. There are many options to best fit your needs. Residential or long-term programs, Outpatient rehab, Group support, Individual therapy… Getting help isn’t a burden, it’s regaining control of your life. Your life is the most important thing that you have, you owe it to yourself to do everything you can to save it. For more information on addiction treatment and what your options are, please contact the trained professionals 24 hours a day at 1-800-203-2024. Help is here.

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