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Everyone knows addiction isn’t cheap. Drugs cost money, alcohol costs money, and the more you need something, the more you’re going to keep spending. But how much does addiction really cost? Not just in terms of money, but in terms of health, career, the law, and overall society. Let’s take a look at some of the hidden costs of addiction:


Can you guess what the social loss of alcohol abuse in the United States is? If you added up everything from the cost of treating health problems, to the cost of drunk driving accidents. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, alcohol abuse alone can cost society upwards of $224 billion annually. Of the $224 billion, almost three quarters of it (72%) is due to lost productivity in the workplace. Health issues (11%), increased law enforcement (9%), and drunk-driving accidents (6%) make up most of the remainder. Of the total economic costs of excessive alcohol consumption, $94.2 billion (42 percent) was paid by federal, state, and local governments; while $92.9 billion (41.5 percent) was at the cost of the drinkers and their family members.

Career and Income

When using drugs and/or alcohol, people tend to gradually decrease effort put forth and dedication to their jobs. This can result in missed work, lack of adequate performance, and eventual termination. Also, maintaining passing grades in school can become nearly impossible, as can graduating and going on to get a job. Drug and alcohol use can consume a person’s income as well, to the point that paying bills is a secondhand priority, and homelessness eventually becomes a reality.


Addicted individuals often have poor nutrition and negligent exercise habits, which can lead to a range of health issues. These issues can also lead to higher insurance costs, unexpected medical bills, and expensive prescriptions.

The Legal System

Someone who is suffering in untreated alcoholism or addiction is more prone to costly legal fees, for things such as DUI, drug possession, divorce, and larceny, as well as any accompanying court/attorney fees and associated fines. Time spent in court or in jail can also affect employment and family life.

Don’t let the costs of substance abuse continue to build. If you have experienced enough consequences associated with your drinking or drug use, contact the professionals at Serenity Acres Treatment Center today.