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Tomorrowland, Electric Daisy Carnival, Ultra, Shambhala, Movement, and Electric Zoo. These are just a few of the many, many music festivals dedicated to the ever-increasing phenomenon that is Electronic Dance Music (or EDM for short). Beginning in the 1980s as an underground movement, it wasn’t until recent years that EDM exploded into the forefront of mainstream music. Shifting a generation of music fans from the hip-hop driven popular music that dominated the 2000s, to the polished sounds of house, trance, dubstep, trap, and the dozens of other sub-genres that fall under the umbrella of EDM. To give an idea of just how large an industry EDM concerts and festivals are – in a 2013 report regarding the Ultra Music Festival held in Miami every year, the weekend event alone was estimated to boost the local economy by $79 million.


Now let’s get this clear: By and large, fans of EDM are there for the music. Saying that Electronic Dance Music leads to people using drugs is like saying Country Music turns people into alcoholics. But, unfortunately, it is an inescapable fact that drugs are often taken at EDM shows. The most prominent of these goes by the street-name Molly. A simple Google search of Molly will tell you that it is pure MDMA – the active ingredient in Ecstasy. However, recent reports suggest that today’s Molly is often a blend of various synthetic compounds, sometimes containing no MDMA whatsoever.

What Are The Effects?

If you were to ask what the effects of taking MDMA are, I could give you an easy answer. But if you were to ask what the effects were of taking Molly, there is no easy answer. The truth is they are no longer the same thing. Molly is anonymous, her ingredients have no consistency. This has led to an increase in overdoses, especially at EDM shows. However, most forms of Molly stimulate the central nervous system, causing euphoric highs, but also rapid heartbeat and high blood pressure, and can prevent the body from regulating temperature. Use of psychostimulants such as these can also cause panic attacks, seizures, and psychotic episodes.

The Relationship Between EDM And Molly?

The relationship between EDM and Molly is a symbiotic one. EDM doesn’t exist without club drugs, because a majority of the culture and event is built around ‘letting go’ and ‘rolling’ at events. Secondly, the entirety of the EDM economy was built upon the complex relationships between drug dealers and promoters”, said Shane Morris, a former Molly dealer. Promoters would partner up with dealers and in exchange for a percentage of the drug profit, the dealers would have a way of laundering their cash. Club drugs, such as Molly, sell the feeling of euphoria to a crowd that demands to feel euphoric.

What Should I Do?

Drug addictions to “party drugs,” such as Molly, can be difficult to recognize at first. Because they’re often done in large social settings, the signs at home might not be so obvious. But it’s important to know that this problem exists and can have serious life or death consequences. If you suspect someone you love might be abusing, or even experimenting with Molly, or any similar drug, it’s vital you help them immediately. It only takes one time, one wrong batch, one wrong ingredient, for these drugs to be fatal. One option is to consider seeking professional help from a drug addiction counselor or rehab treatment facility. The detoxification of all the chemicals and impurities in the body from “party drugs” is essential to maintaining a long and healthy, natural life.

If you are concerned about your own or a friend’s “Molly” use, call the treatment professionals at Serenity Acres today for more information.