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What kind of fantasy world would we live in if a family member, friend, or co-worker was an underground drug lord? Imagine if the “good samaritan” that he or she is, was behind a desk working a 9 to 5 by day and trafficking drugs and guns by night? Well, stop imagining because the makers of and other websites alike have seemingly turned this fairy tale into a very dangerous reality. The Silk Road was a underground market that allows anyone with an internet connection to buy or sell drugs online. The concept was basically “drug trafficking made easy”.

What’s Being Done About This?

The FBI has now shut down not only the original Silk Road, but an attempted second iteration, “Silk Road 2.0”. The founder, Ross William Ulbrict (operating under the code name “Dread Pirate Roberts”) was arrested and sentenced to life in prison. However, knowing the illegal drug market, it is only a matter of time before another version becomes available. The advancement of technology will only continue to make it easy for illegal drugs to be purchased and sold, which means the FBI and it’s War on Drugs will need to make the necessary adjustment to keep up with the changing tide of drug sales.