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Nar-Anon is a twelve-step program for people who are struggling with a loved one in addiction or recovery. It is a therapeutic place to go when you need to let out tears, experience, and even laughter, while providing hope, strength, education, and support for very genuine people who know what you’re going through. More often than not, you will see tentative newcomers who are uncertain about whether Nar-Anon is the right place for them. Seasoned veterans ensure their place by showing unconditional support.

The support system is based on the Twelve Steps of Narcotics Anonymous, which is not a religious one but a spiritual way of life. With the help of a “Higher Power”, members ask for the wisdom and courage to see each other as they really are, and ask for the grace to release the addict with love and cease trying to change them.

The Purpose

Although Nar-Anon gives endless support, the true purpose of Nar-Anon is to educate as support will only get you so far if you come back just as broken the next week. Nar-Anon lets you know on a daily basis that you are powerless over the addict. In other words, it teaches you to be diligent in separating what we have control over and what we do not. The group at Nar-Anon demands you don’t self inflict more pain on yourself by enabling the addict. They can give you the strength and ability to say no and teaches you how to deal with the addict. The veterans at Nar-Anon have seen just about everything in their experience, so they are able to situationally guide you. They can give you the assurance that no situation is too difficult and no unhappiness is too great to be overcome.


Nar-Anon is a twelve-step group/program for friends and family of the addict. It became incorporated in 1971, and in 1986 The Nar-Anon World Service Office (WSO) was established in California. Nar-Anon, just like Al-Anon is notorious for its profound support system. For decades it has helped hundreds of thousands of people cope with their loved ones addiction.

Nar-Anon and Serenity Acres Are Here For You

You don’t have to be an addict to hate the Disease of Addiction. All that’s required is that you care deeply for someone in the throes of addiction or the process of Recovery. At Serenity Acres, we understand the worst kind of powerless is watching someone you love suffer and being unable to stop it. Nobody is immune to the wreckage caused by addiction. If a family member or friend addiction is negatively affecting your life, don’t give up on them. Get support from a local Nar-Anon group or give us a call to today to learn more about getting your loved one into one of our treatment programs. 1-800-203-2024