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Individualized therapy at Serenity Acres is the key to our success. Addiction treatment is not one-size-fits all. The purpose of individualized therapy is to surface the underlying cause of the patient’s addiction and motivate, encourage, and educate the client about the recovery process and relapse prevention. One on one addiction treatment allows the patient to go deeper into their personal experience than in a group setting, which is vital to the recovery process.


It is important that we educate the client about their substance abuse and the recovery process. We demonstrate the dynamics of addiction, health risks caused by alcohol and drug use and abuse, stress management, coping skills, problem solving skills, communication skills, and building healthy relationships. We also inform them about the phenomenon of craving, and when it’s necessary to change people, places, and things. We provide intensive one-on-one therapy that teaches clients coping mechanisms and tools they can use to avoid relapse.


We aim to spiritually stimulate your recovery through support groups. We encourage and stress involvement in Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and other 12-step groups (i.e., Narcotics Anonymous) are essential to the continued sobriety of recovering individuals following their stay in treatment. Our staff help to teach clients about the value of these programs, and encourage finding a sponsor and attending meetings.

One on One treatment at Serenity Acres

Clients often say that individualized treatment can be the most rewarding factor to their success. That is why at Serenity Acres we have continued to use this technique of one one treatment to attack the underlying pain that lies deep in the mind. Unlike other rehabilitation centers, we devote hefty portion of our time educating, encouraging, and motivating the client so that they are prepared for any temptation the world might throw at them. At Serenity Acres we understand that jumping straight into group sessions can be daunting. We want your transition to be as smooth as possible and aim to ease you into these meetings. Let our individualized treatment be rewarding to you. Call us now so you can get started on your journey to recovery today.