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In the medical field, there are as many opinions as there are doctors. All doctors are not created equal, which is why it is important to choose a facility that has an experienced team of addiction specialists. Often, addicts end up being prescribed a maintenance regimen of medication which is not sustainable long term.

When they are unable to continue taking the maintenance medication relapse is often inevitable because they have not actually given their bodies the chance to get clean, they have simply traded one drug for another and will end up undergoing a painful withdrawal if they are not properly taken off the maintenance medications. Unmanaged withdrawal is extremely uncomfortable and individuals would often rather turn to other drugs than go through the physical and mental torture of coming off a medication cold turkey.

At Serenity Acres, we believe a complete detox is important so that when the patient leaves treatment, they are no longer dependent on a medication that mimics their drug of choice. By tapering the person of their drug of choice using approved medications, it allows them to detox comfortably and quickly and to be able to learn how to manage cravings and withdrawal symptoms in a safe and structured environment.

Medicated Detox Enhanced by Alternative Treatment Options:

Anyone who has attempted to endure the agony of detox from their drug of choice, knows just how excruciating this initial phase of recovery can be. Detoxing from some substances without medical intervention can even be deadly. Many addicts who try to get through this phase without any intervention find that it is just too painful, and quickly revert back to their drug of choice, rather than bear the withdrawal. There are many facilities out there that do not use effective detox methods and instead may switch patients from their drug of choice to a maintenance medication that continues the spiral of relying on substances to cope.

At Serenity Acres, we strive to keep our clients comfortable. We use a medicated detox protocol to ease the worst symptoms and then taper the client off of medications so that they do not leave treatment physically dependent on potentially harmful medications. We utilize alternative holistic therapies, including massage, meditation, acupuncture and saunas to ease physical symptoms, rid the body of toxins, facilitate the body’s own natural healing process and begin recovery.

A Holistic Addiction Treatment Plan that Encompasses Mind, Body & Spirit:

Many treatment providers will explain that their sole focus is on treating the individual’s addiction, as if an “addiction” is something that can be amputated or removed. Many clients in substance abuse treatment have forgotten how to live healthily, experience a full range of emotions, and connect with others. Ridding oneself of old habits and patterns is futile unless they are replaced by new ones that bring about and eventually solidify desired lifestyle changes.

At Serenity Acres we assist the client in recreating a healthy lifestyle –healthy in mind, body and spirit. Our goal for each of our clients is that they are able to leave us with a new found happiness and a willingness to try new things and continue to experience all that life has to offer. We offer natural, non-addictive supplements for depression, anxiety and sleep and avoid prescribing addictive medications for long term use. Each client works with a nutritionist to establish a healthy balance in their diet and a regimen of vitamins is prescribed to replenish the body of nutrients. They are able to choose from a variety of exercise options, including daily trips to the gym, yoga, horseback riding, swimming, billiards, ping-pong, shuffleboard, and many other activities. Spiritual growth is encouraged as well. Clients are taught the art of meditation and quiet reflection.