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At Serenity Acres, we offer a variety of treatment options and modalities, including equestrian therapy. Equestrian therapy has been used for a variety of reasons, helping to treat things like physical disabilities, addiction, cognitive issues, and much more. Our equine therapy program allows clients to develop a relationship with horses by grooming, riding, and learning other basic horse care skills. Through spending time with the horses, our patients begin to develop an understanding of how to communicate non-verbally with the animals.

Animals, including horses, have been shown to be therapeutic, and provide stress relief and mood improvement for people in recovery. When you are handling a 1000+ pound animal, you must remain present in the moment and aware of changes in the animal’s body language, the environment, and yourself. Most addicts have been using drugs or alcohol to numb or escape the present moment, and find it difficult to practice being “present”.

Working with horses requires that you trust and respect the horse, and they trust and respect you in return. This bond can increase self esteem and self-confidence. Equine therapy can also help addicts start replacing their former, unhealthy habits that led to and perpetuated their addiction. Many of our patients discover a love for horses that they didn’t know they had and plan to continue to include horses in their lives when they leave our facility.

At Serenity Acres, we believe in the power of animals to heal. We see the positive changes that the horses bring about in many of our patients and continue to look for new treatments that will offer similar opportunities for healing.

For more information on the treatment modalities offered at Serenity Acres, please refer to our website, or call our admissions team today.