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When someone is suffering from addiction to drugs and/or alcohol, but also has a co-occurring disorder, you likely know something is wrong but may not be sure as to the source or root of your concerns. These concerns are likely exacerbated by abnormal behavior and warped thinking patterns, and create a feeling of isolation within the afflicted person.

What is a Co-Occurring Disorder?

The term co-occurring disorder (or dual diagnosis) refers to an individual having one or more substance abuse disorders and one or more psychiatric disorders at the same time. These psychiatric issues can be depression, anxiety, bi-polar disorder, or any other type of psychiatric disorder. The 2012 NSDUH survey estimated that 8.4 million people in the past year met qualifications for both addiction and a co-occurring disorder.

A person struggling with these issues often wishes to be like everyone else and hopes that their issues will resolve themselves and go away. Friends and family may also see a problem or warning signs but are unfamiliar with addiction or mental illness, or may be afraid to push their loved one away. Acknowledging the addiction and the co-occurring disorder is the first step in moving towards a long-term solution. At Serenity Acres, we have a team of specialists that work specifically with co-occurring disorders to ensure that everyone on your treatment team is providing well rounded treatment tailored just to you.

There are many approaches to treating both addiction and psychological disorders. Treating both disorders separately can cause the treatment process to be unsuccessful or to take much longer than necessary. At Serenity Acres, we use a wide team of specialists in addition to many different modalities such as acupuncture, massage, yoga, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, 12-Step education, and more. Utilizing this unique approach is very effective and can shorten the amount of time a person needs to spend in treatment.

The Serenity Acres Difference

We provide both clinical and addiction treatment services to individuals and their families, treating dual diagnoses under one roof. Our treatment model is based on taking the most effective holistic and traditional practices and blending them to provide a completely unique way of understanding and treating these conditions.

Start the Healing

Successful treatment of co-occurring conditions addresses both disorders, and how they may interact. The many modalities offered at Serenity Acres treat the mind, body, & spirit simultaneously. If you or a loved one need help with addiction or addiction along with a co-occurring disorder, please contact an admissions specialist today.