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Though drug addiction affects both men and women, there are proven sex differences in how each processes drugs and progresses to addiction, often with different underlying causes. Serenity Acres treats both men and women with an emphasis on individualized treatment that deals with gender issues as well as other unique issues. Because we mix traditional therapy with holistic methods, our treatment is comprehensive and all encompassing. According to a report from the National Institute on Drug Abuse, women have a shorter history of abusing certain substances, but show a quicker progression from first use of a drug to developing dependence. As a result, women typically enter drug and alcohol treatment with more severe medical, behavioral, psychological, and social problems.

The Silent Danger: HIV/AIDS

In any addict, male or female, the risk of contracting infectious diseases through sex or IV drug use is higher than that of the general population. HIV/AIDS is the fourth leading cause of death for women between the ages of 12 and 45 in the United States. Whether they share contaminated drug paraphernalia or have sex with infected partners while under the influence, drug addiction increases a woman’s chances that she will contract HIV. About 62 percent of women with HIV contracted the virus due to needles or by having sex with an IV drug user. If these women are pregnant or become pregnant while infected and don’t know their status, the risk extends to the baby as well.

Getting Help Before It’s Too Late

Women, in general, are less likely to get the drug addiction treatment they need than are men. Reasons for this include wanting to avoid the stigma associated with drug addiction and drug rehab and trying to “self-treat” or quit at home without help. Women may fear losing their children, losing their job, going to jail or other consequences. Women may need assistance with childcare or medical attention if they are pregnant that many drug rehabilitation centers may not offer.

Serenity Acres and the Addicted Woman

At Serenity Acres, we offer everything that a woman needs to get the treatment that she needs. From a specialized, women-focused treatment plan, therapists trained in women’s issues, specialized nutrition plans, and more are made available. Treatment plans are constantly re-assessed and altered as necessary to make sure that each woman receives the attention she needs. If you have questions about what we have to offer women at Serenity Acres, contact us today at 1-800-203-2024.