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There is no denying that drug and alcohol addiction can be devastating. However with that said, with addiction being a life long disease, you can increase your chances of getting and staying clean with what I like to call, the 3 Key Truths.

  • The first and most fundamental truth is that you have to admit that you have a problem. Without this truth you cannot be helped. It is for this reason why so many interventions do not work.
  • Secondly your treatment should address the whole person. For example, just addiction treatment for someone with a dual diagnosis will most likely result in relapse. It is important that the Treatment Center that you attend is qualified to address and treat co-occurring disorders. Here at Serenity Acres we have an expert team of doctors, therapist, counselors and facilitators to work with and treat those with a dual diagnosis.
  • And the last Key Truth is take your treatment seriously. As you respect your process you begin to respect yourself. Many addicts have become disconnected to personal care and develop a poor self image. By giving yourself the respect of getting treatment, you begin to develop a healthier you.

In addition to the 3 Key Truths you can do so much more to enhance your sobriety and clean time. Getting a supportive network will be extremely helpful. I recommend the 12 Step model, but there are other programs that are effective if the 12 Steps are not for you. Take an active interest in diet and exercise. Years of abuse often take a toll on the addicts body. Work with your doctor to see which kind of exercise program would be a good fit for you. Lastly get into an aftercare program.

If you have any questions at all, give us a call at Serenity Acres and one of our trained counselors would be more than happy to assist you. Let our years of experience put you on the road to lasting recovery.