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Why do some people become addicted? This is a great question. There are several key factors that will influence whether one will become addicted or not. More often than not, it is a combination of these factors that will lead to a greater chance of one becoming an addict. It should be said that the more factors one has, their likelihood increases. Those factors are:

  • Environment- Family, friends and socioeconomic status all play a huge part in addiction. Furthermore peer pressure, sexual abuse and stress all contribute as well. I love the below quote from Nietzsche which basically states that no matter how strong or grounded one may be, we are all subjected to our environments. “Even the strongest have their moments of fatigue”. You cannot continue to subject yourself to unhealthy or negative influences. It is important to cultivate positive relationships if we expect to stay grounded.
  • Biology/Genes- It is said that what you are born with along with your environment may account for about half of all those who will become addicted. From your gender, ethnicity and having a mental health disorder all influence your risk for drug abuse.
  • The First High/ Development- We know that the earlier one begins to take drugs, the greater the chance to become addicted. That is not to say that drug use at any age can become addictive. But the younger one is in their development, the more likely it will progress into serious abuse.

Just by knowing the factors you can help protect yourself and your family from the disease of addiction. Prevention and education are still our first line of defense. Please do not be fooled into thinking that this is a disease of will power. It is far from it. Addiction is a life threatening disease. However with the basic knowledge and education you can minimize your chances of being affected by this disease.

Please consult with a licensed physician for proper diagnosis and treatment if you suspect that you have a drinking or drug problem.

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