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We always get the same question from prospective residents: How long will I/my loved one need to be in treatment? The answer is different for everyone, but generally speaking, we promote 90 days of inpatient followed by ongoing outpatient treatment. Addicts do not get sick overnight, the issues and problems that have led to their addiction in the first place have built up over time.

Studies have proven that 90 days is an effective general amount of time to provide the best results. An article published in the LA Times noted the following research finding:

“Research published in 1999 by Bennett Fletcher, a senior research psychologist at the National Institute on Drug Abuse, has shown that though 90 days isn’t a magic number, anything less than that tends to increase the chances of relapse. One study, of 1,605 cocaine users, looked at weekly cocaine use in the year after treatment. It found that 35% of people who were in treatment for 90 days or fewer reported drug use the following year compared with 17% of people who were in treatment for 90 days or longer. The study was published in the Archives of General Psychiatry.”

The first 30 days of treatment are focused on crisis stabilization, basic recovery skills, and getting the addict on the road to being physically healthy. The second 30 days will focus on more advanced recovery and relapse prevention skills and extensive life coaching. The last 30 days at Serenity Acres are focused on getting back into your “real” life and how the best make the changes that will help the addict to be successful and remain in recovery.

When you put everything you learn over the course of 90 days into work, it gives you a solid framework to leave the safety of inpatient treatment and reintegrate into your world and your family. Our ultimate goal is to provide as much education and information as possible in a way that can be remembered, utilized, and built upon further. If we do this, and the addict takes an active role in their recovery, success is almost inevitable.

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