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Physical Examination


Regular physical examinations are an essential aspect of any drug and alcohol treatment program. Many clients enter treatment with health issues that are a direct result of their drug and alcohol use. Physical recovery is just as important as mental and spiritual recovery in promoting long-term sobriety.

Every patient receives a full physical examination upon arrival at Serenity Acres. As a result of the physical exam, further treatment may be performed on site. In addition to an initial physical exam, we also offer:

Health Education: Health education is also a large part of what our medical team offers to our clients. Many who enter treatment have minimal knowledge about their physical health, and the wide range of negative impacts that drugs and alcohol have on the body. Educating clients about how substance abuse has impacted their physical health provides another level of knowledge that encourages them to persist with the treatment process. Clients are given information as to how to return to or achieve physical health, which is a critical component of long-term recovery.

Continuing Treatment: As we help the client recover from addiction, we have nursing staff on site 24/7 to monitor the health of our clients and remain aware of any ongoing issues. This ensures that any medical issues can be addressed promptly. Clients regularly see the staff physician or nurse practitioner in order to ensure their developing physical wellness.